Traditional dance caller

Friendly, active, fun for all ages


Ceilidh / barn dance / hoe-down what are they and which do I want?

             It doesn’t matter what you call it. You will have an evening of friendly activity, dancing sometimes in small sets and sometimes with everyone else. The emphasis will be on having fun.

What is a caller?

             A caller is like an MC. I choose a programme of dances that will suit your group, encourage people to get up and have a try, explain the moves and give you a practice before the music starts. While the music is playing I remind you what to do.

What is a ceilidh  anyway? Is it Irish? How do you pronounce it?

             It is a dance with a party atmosphere. We borrowed the word from the Scots, the Irish spell it ceili. Pronounce it KayLee. See this Cambridgeshire band’s description

Will there be a band?

             Live music adds to the enjoyment. I can recommend various bands, to suit your preferences and budget. If you already have a band in mind I will be happy to call with them. For very small private parties I sometimes bring recorded music, but prefer to work with a musician.

We don’t know what to do

I will tell you what to do, and choose my programme to suit those present

 We might go wrong

             Every one goes wrong sometimes, but if you keep dancing no-one will notice. Just  enjoy the music and the company and have fun.


What age group is this suitable for?

             Almost any age. Young children need to be supervised for safety, but can enjoy dancing with their parents. Older children will dance with partners of their own choice. For some dances I will ask children and those dancing  with them to form a separate set from adult couples, and maybe vary the dance slightly.

If your group includes older or less energetic dancers I will mix in some gentle dances.

 Where do the dances come from?

             I call dances from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, America and Europe. Some are recently written, some go back hundreds of years.

I want an evening with a special theme

             Let me know in advance and I can choose my dances with that in mind.


Do we need partners?

             Sometimes I call dances that do not need a partner. Most are for couples, some for threesomes. You do not need to come with a partner, or keep the same partner all evening. Couples can be same-sex, parents can include a young child in their ’couple’

             When a dance caller says “partner” they are not talking about your private life.


Do you do Line Dancing?

             No, but I sometimes call a Serbian circle dance, or a 500 year old French Bransle, which show where the idea came from.

Is Country dancing the same as Country and Western?